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Sell your AI & Data directly to your audience with Widgets

With Nevermined Widgets you can control and sell access to your AI & Data creations directly from your own website. […]

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Company 11 Sep 2023

Nevermined Named in the 2023 Gartner® Emerging Tech report.

We are thrilled to announce that Nevermined has been named in the Gartner® Emerging Tech: Network Effect Is Critical to […]

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Tech Update 28 Aug 2023

The Nevermined roadmap – Q3 tech update

An overview of the new features of the Nevermined Marketplace: OpenAPI, embeddable widgets, Web2 login,…

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Decentralized AI 16 Aug 2023

Partnership announcement: Nevermined and Algovera join forces

Nevermined and Algovera join forces to help developers monetize their AI and Data assets.

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Using Smart Subscriptions to protect Smart Contract access

How Web3 developers can tokengate functionalities of their Smart Contracts Image courtesy of Dimi DeJonghe This blog post will show how […]

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Decentralized AI: it’s more than just about who controls AI

Over the past year we’ve seen an incredible rise in all things AI. However, we believe that this exponential growth […]

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AI Monetization 27 Jun 2023

Announcement – The Nevermined Marketplace to monetize AI & Data is LIVE 🚀

Today we begin offering AI Developers and Data Owners the opportunity to monetize and commercialize their valuable assets, using Smart […]

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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
AI Monetization 21 Jun 2023

Dear AI & Data community, soon you can unchain your AI and your Data

You already know the incredible AI stats by now:  Everyone wants to use AI. Everyone wants to build AI.  However… […]

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Create your own AI assistant with Nevermined and Llama Index

Creating an AI assistant is all the rage. But then what? This is the second post of a series demoing […]

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