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Partnership Announcement: Adding Nevermined Payments to power up Polywrap’s AI Agents & serve Humanity

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Polywrap and Nevermined partner to make it easy for humanity’s AIs to transact and get paid.

The agents are coming. Soon they will be everywhere. Both Polywrap and Nevermined envision a world with trillions of agents performing tasks, offering services, and transacting with one another. From this AI-Commerce landscape we also believe we will “…see the emergence of a new kind of collective intelligence – not one dominated by a few powerful AI systems in the hands of centralized entities, but one that arises from the interactions of many diverse and specialized AIs, aligned with the values of various individuals and communities.” (Source

Polywrap AI Agents Deliver Productive Value

Polywrap is building on-chain AI agents that deliver productive value to their users. In the last 6 months, they’ve delivered award winning agents like, and have built agents that can “predict” the future ;). The productive surface area of their agent’s is vast, touching on diverse topics such as prediction markets to funding public goods.  

All of this effort is aimed at aiding humanity by creating closer connections between ourselves and the information that binds us together. By engaging AI agents, we’re able to collectively arbitrage vast amounts of data, draw conclusions and extrapolate actions based on specific goals and objectives presented to the agent. The potential of these agents can be seen with Polywrap’s Funding Public Goods AI. This AI helps simplify philanthropic efforts by analyzing vast amounts of information to find specific benevolent projects that people want to fund based on the outcomes they want to achieve.   

From Productive Value Creation to Productive Value Capture

The Polywrap team has clearly demonstrated how AI agents can be productive to the advancement of humanity. The services these AIs deliver are actively creating value for their users: us. Productive AI for Humanity has arrived.

The natural evolution is to now ask: how do we capture the value produced by the AI agents themselves? As more and more AIs are built leveraging Polywrap’s agent architecture and similar, we will see an explosion of capabilities wrapped in agent services. Some of these services are likely to be more productive than others, so how can these agents be compensated and / or rewarded based on their respective productivity?

Enter Nevermined. By integrating Nevermined’s payments solution, Polywrap will give its agents the ability to get paid or be rewarded for their output. Nevermined enables this through our dynamic rewards and monetization system that handles the variable nature of the user requests and requirements submitted to each AI agent. 

With this integration, AIs will be able to discreetly control access to their services, setting conditions like price, time period of access, and number of requests that can be made to the AI. In turn, the AIs will be contributing to the development of Nevermined’s decentralized payments protocol, making it easier and easier for more AIs to enter the ecosystem, contribute productive value, and get paid. 

How Does It Work?   

As an example, let’s take the AI agent that Polywrap has already built for use in Streamlit. Streamlit is an application used by Data Scientists to prototype and deliver high quality UX on top of their analytical notebooks. Many Data Scientists within the Streamlit community have taken to integrating LLMs into their analytical flow to improve engagement. Consequently, Polywrap has built an agent that will further simplify the advancement of this application pattern. More specifically, in this case, the AI agent capabilities are consumed via a now common chat-style interface from which users submit a request prompt, and then receive the model response as text. 

Nevermined is also working with Streamlit, and has enabled a simple payments widget to be embedded in such an AI application. With this widget, users that want to engage the AI first authenticate, and then purchase usage credits. Once the user has credits, they can use the AI, redeeming credits for their requests on a redemption schedule set by the AI agent builder – in this case: Polywrap. 

Now a Polywrap AI agent deployed to Streamlit by a Data Science AI builder can use the Nevermined payment widget and start to generate revenue!

What’s Next?  

Over the next few weeks the Polywrap and Nevermined teams will work on integrating the Nevermined Pay solution with Polywrap’s agents. 

The motivation of both teams is to support AI builders in getting paid for their AI agents in the simplest way possible without worrying about setup, integrating with payment APIs, credits usage accounting, user authentication, and so on. That way Polywrap can focus and do what’s best for them: building productive AI agents that help serve all of humanity!

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