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Adding Payment Super Powers to AI Super Agents

AI Monetization

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Nevermined and Superagent partner to bring flexible AI payment solutions to Superagent’s AI Agent framework.

The AI space is growing with leaps and bounds. In particular, the AI agent development space has seen numerous solutions enter the market since the launch of Yohei Nakajima’s BabyAGI and similar in early 2023. The growth of AI services and “GPTs” has exploded, with AI’s springing up in every app and service under the sun.

While the barrier to entry is diminishing, creating an AI that delivers real value still requires work. AI builders need to bring together different, disparate technologies, like LLMs, vectorDBs, and workflow pipelines, and then orchestrate these components in a cohesive manner. This exercise is still complicated, requiring hours spent learning and understanding what tools you need, where to find them, and how to use them.

Simplifying AI Agent Development for Mass Adoption

As a response, a number of teams and organizations have taken on the challenge of simplifying the AI agent creation process. To do so, they integrate the tools and solutions required to prototype and deploy an agent, making it easier for AI builders to find and connect these solutions. In addition, AI agent platforms support builders through hosting services, tutorials, and community engagement

A leader in the space is Superagent, the YC backed company developing a multipurpose AI agent framework. Superagent is on a mission to bring AI agent adoption to the mainstream by making agents simple to build and use. 

Their framework makes it easy for AI builders to add powerful AI assistants to their applications by leveraging LLMs in combination with Retrieval Augmented Generation and Generative AI. The Open Source nature of the project “…allows anyone to build, manage, and deploy unique ChatGPT-like AI assistants.” And clearly they’ve struck a chord, already amassing a user base of 7,000+ developers, with 400 large companies in the mix.

AI Payments FTW!

What’s missing, though, is the means for these agents to transact, and for the builders to monetize their AI creations, but AI monetization and payments can be hard. Enter Nevermined, offering our AI payments solutions to help AI builders manage how their users use their AIs, and get them paid in return. At Nevermined, we’ve been on the lookout for like minded projects to work with to drive adoption and start to truly scale AI-commerce. We’ve found this in Superagent, an organization routed in the Open Source ethos, committed to making AI solutions available to anyone, anywhere. 


So How Does It Work?

We’re glad you asked! 😉 

Let’s say you’re a hobbyist Superagent AI builder by night, and trained medical super Doctor of Oncology by day. You have an interest in building AI agents, but also an incredible set of medical expertise that you can share. So you decide to create an AI agent that can accurately summarize long form medical research PDFs for faster retrieval of diagnostics information. 

Using Superagent’s framework, you build out your AI PDF Summarizer. Then, using your specific knowledge of Oncology and your own process for digesting long form medical research, you add instructions for your LLM model to “finetune” the model’s capabilities. Now you have created an AI agent that can ingest medical research PDFs and extract the relevant diagnostics based on your specific analysis methodology. 

It just so happens that your specific analysis methodology is in high demand at hospitals and clinics where doctors and clinicians want to use your AI to look up diagnosis faster. So you decide to monetize your AI agent. Integrating Nevermined’s Superagent module into your AI, you now have the ability to control access to your agent, managing user requests via different payment plans that you set via Nevermined’s payment solution. 

Now you can sit back and watch as your AI hobby becomes your AI business.

What’s Next?

We will be working with the Superagent team to integrate Nevermined as the AI payments module within their framework.

The motivation of both teams is to support AI builders in getting paid for their AIs in the simplest way possible without worrying about setup, integrating with payment APIs, credits accounting, user authorization, and so on. That way they can focus and do what’s best for them: creating amazing AIs.

The work between both teams has already started and we expect to have a first integration of our respective products in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned for updates! 

To find out more and stay up-to-date with everything Nevermined and Superagent are working on, please join our respective Discords!

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