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Sell your AI & Data directly to your audience with Widgets

AI Monetization

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With Nevermined Widgets you can control and sell access to your AI & Data creations directly from your own website. It’s like Embed on Etsy, but for your research, content,  media, your AI agents and models. 

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

First, why protect your assets? 

Simply put: don’t get scraped. 

Imagine, you’re a photographer. And you managed to get your work accepted by Getty Images (well done!). You received the odd royalty payment, but then you noticed that the Stability AI crawler has infringed on your IP by scraping all of Getty’s images and using them for training. 

You’re not amused. Neither is Getty. 

But now you’ve discovered Nevermined. And you understand that you can protect access to your images. Rather than have them scraped from the interwebz and depend on Getty to represent your rights to the AI overlords (there goes your royalty cut, overheads you know), you can now take control of your assets. 

With Nevermined you can define access conditions and set pricing. First, this means that you can create an AI moat around your photos. But you also signal to AI developers and their models that your images are ‘safe’ to train on. Read: you won’t have to sue. 

This value proposition works across any digital asset, not just photos. Think books, media, data or AI models. Same value proposition, different assets. 

Imagine, you’re a famous illustrator with a distinct look & feel and you want to monetize your trademark style. You want your fans to use prompts like ‘In the style of …’, but you want the Generative AI models to reward you for that. They can include your work in their training set, for a fee. That’s why we made Nevermined. 

Imagine, you’re an AI developer who made your model available via Hugging Face. You wouldn’t mind getting credit and/or a reward for your work when other devs build on it. So you use Nevermined to tokenize the access and pricing conditions. That’s why we made Nevermined. 

Same for data, same for code. Anything’s possible. You just have to imagine…

Next, why Widgets?

Nevermined is about giving owners full control over their assets. And that includes where you can sell them. Registering your media or data or AI models is one thing. Selling them is the next step. 

By using Nevermined, your assets will automatically become part of the Nevermined marketplace. That’s a given. 

But why stop there and limit the distribution? Our new Embed feature lets you generate a simple HTML widget. That means you can easily embed your asset(s) on your portfolio website and reach your audience directly. 

By the way, the Nevermined fee is 1%, not 85% like some royalty models. Just saying.

How does it work?

After you’ve registered your asset (we have tutorials in text or video), you can create a widget from your Asset Dashboard. 

Next, you can amend the style of the widget to fit your brand. 

  • Layout: switch between horizontal and vertical
  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Change the color and text of the button

Finally, all you need to do is hit ‘Save’ and ‘Show HTML’ and you get the code to copy into your website or blog. 

And when embedded, the asset would look exactly like this, showcasing your Nevermined-registered asset on your own website.

Happy publishing! 
You can read the full tutorial here.

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