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    Do I need to know how to code to use Nevermined?
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    For now, yes. Currently, the functionalities are available via SDK and via a React-Catalog. We’re also working on a SaaS-solution, which will make it easier for non-developers to inject their assets with advanced utility.
    What blockchains does Nevermined support?
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    Nevermined Smart Contracts are EVM-compatible so they can be deployed on any EVM compatible blockchain. Currently we support deployments on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum. Reach out via Discord if you have other requirements.
    What does it cost to use Nevermined?
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    The software is available for free, under an Open Source License. To continue to provide this service, the Nevermined Smart Contracts charge a 1 % fee on all monetary transactions. Check the documentation on network fees.

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