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The new platform for the new internet: The trusted way to realize Web3 raises 3M


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I’m super excited to announce that Nevermined has landed our first investment round of €3 million. This really is a milestone moment for the team as it allows us to realize Nevermined as the Web3 company that provides developer tools and templates to unlock the next-level utility behind NFT technology.


Our CTO, Aitor Argomaniz, always says: “I love building the future of how we interact in digital ecosystems…but the devil is in the details, and that’s what I’m focused on.” He may not have expected the type of market condition we are in, but if you build it right and for the right reasons, good technology speaks for itself and can become great technology in any condition.

This is what we’re working to achieve. Nevermined gives Web3 developers and entrepreneurs the tools to inject their dApps with better features, without having to build everything from scratch. In the end, this will provide creators with the opportunity to create, monetize and control their digital assets.

Over the last year Nevermined has managed to get some solid traction. As a result, some very interesting projects have made use of our technology.

  • We helped VitaDAO with their ambition to tokenize the IP of early stage longevity research, a world first that got a lot of attention. Molecule, the main company behind VitaDAO, just announced a $12.7m raise. With our tech backing the project, we anticipate big things ahead!
  • The Autonomies team is launching their artist-centric music NFT platform on Nevermined, including a DAO for collective, artist led governance.
  • We helped Invluencer create an NFT-based login gateway for investors wanting access to Alpha start-up data reports.
  • We are partnered with one of the world’s largest global energy companies that’s using our tech to enable some fundamental, atypical innovation and create a peer-to-peer carbon credit marketplace. More to come as this project is still under wraps.


First off, a big thank you to the teams at Signature Ventures and Polymorphic Capital for leading the round. Second, thank you to the other investors who saw what we’re doing and believe in the future we preach. In the mix are stalwart VCs like Tribe Capital, OG crypto builders like Stefan George from Gnosis, and a number of other Degens and investors who shall remain behind the scenes. And so grateful to our amazing Nevermined team and everyone taking the bet on us…my aim is to surpass your expectations.

For Dimitri De Jonghe, our Chief Innovation Officer, who has a soft spot for the power of the collective, he’s tasked with leading the charge on harnessing artistic and creative projects. He believes digital ecosystems will be the future of the internet and, by extension, the economy.

As for me, I’m a firm believer in the Read/Write→Own vision of Web3, one in which we get more control and agency over our own assets. We are committed to helping organizations and individuals realize and unleash the potential of Web3 with the resilient self-agency stack.

Here’s to fundamental innovation. Cheers to launching Nevermined!

— Don Gossen, CEO

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Originally posted on 2022-07-12 on Medium.