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:tada: Thrilled to announce €3 million seed funding to make Web3 accessible. Read more here.

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The Alities vision

Alities is an NFT platform and art community for creatives and collectors alike. They believe NFTs should do more than just sit in wallets, so the platform makes the bridge between digital art and physical exhibitions and events.

Alities is a mobile first dapp that doesn’t just allow for creating, selling and buying NFTs. It also enables artists to create POBBs (Proof Of Belonging Badges). These are digital badges, based on the POAP format, that are rewards for collectors to attend events.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

The Autonomies vision

Autonomies wants to create lasting value for digital music. They are a collective of music producers, Web3 veterans, electronic music curators, artists, creatives and designers trying to formulate a fairer system for all actors involved.

The platform unifies artists, collectors and record labels through a fairer digital ecosystem. The concept is to simplify the process of creating rare audio files and making them accessible to the many, not the few.

What did the NVM platform make possible?