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:tada: Thrilled to announce €3 million seed funding to make Web3 accessible. Read more here.

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The Defi Data vision

Analysts are dying for insights that can inform their DeFi investment strats. The data is there, on-chain. But there are too many platforms, no standards and it’s all unstructured. DeFi Data wants to fix this.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

The vision for a carbon marketplace

In their ambition to be part of a zero-carbon world, this global energy distributor wants to shake up the voluntary carbon offset market. Traditionally, a slow, cumbersome and untrusted process, they want to scale this product by adapting a more trusted, collaborative approach to carbon credit sales.

The idea is to create an open, purely digital, low-friction marketplace. On the offer side of the market it becomes easier to create, validate and sell carbon certificates. On the demand side, there is increased liquidity, market making and standards to govern a more efficient procurement process.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

The Autonomies vision

Autonomies wants to create lasting value for digital music. They are a collective of music producers, Web3 veterans, electronic music curators, artists, creatives and designers trying to formulate a fairer system for all actors involved.

The platform unifies artists, collectors and record labels through a fairer digital ecosystem. The concept is to simplify the process of creating rare audio files and making them accessible to the many, not the few.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

The VitaDAO vision

VitaDAO wants to ensure that the IP related to the scientific field of longevity (i.e. the extension of human life) gets sufficient funding and protection.

Traditionally, IP management is slow and tedious, which scares off potential funders. VitaDAO wants to decentralize these aspects in order to secure and commercialize IP for longevity researchers.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

The Invluencer vision:

Invluencer wants to make early stage start-up investment both more accessible and more data-driven. They are creating reports on early-stage companies, based on crowdsourcing information and token economic models. Those reports are available to holders of the Invluencer NFTs.

What did the NVM platform make possible?