Nevermined Widgets

Nevermined Widgets are a powerful component allowing publishers to self-promote their content. Publishers just need to copy and paste a simple piece of code in their website to display it.

The point is that they can use their existing communication channels but leverage Nevermined technology to simplify the process. More information about how to create a widget here.

2023 Investment Collateral

Widget code example

<div class=”nvm-one-widget” nvm-did=”did:nv:c01ec0952e4c3d470d11eea2a96585abd3067d8b25672f6eb1e41834391ec47a” nvm-wid=”wid-0dd36fe6-fab4-43ce-9df2-63d75a3b451d” nvm-theme=”dark”></div>
<script defer src=””></script>

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