Access Control

The Nevermined Capabilities

We leverage the best of Web3 tech to transform AI and Data into digital native assets. As a result, AI and Data become easy to monetize, easy to access and easy to trace.

Asset tokenization

Access control with tokens

We use ERC-standards to turn AI and Data into digital native assets.

When registering an asset with Nevermined, you create a smart contract that defines the access conditions for you AI or Data. You own the smart contract.

Nevermined is currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon and Gnosis.

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Smart Subscriptions

The link between Access Control and Monetization

Smart Subscriptions are a core component of our stack.

It’s an extension of the ERC-721 standard that allows you to add subscription conditions to an access token, like price and duration.

When making your AI or Data available via Nevermined, you limit access to people who have bought the related Smart Subscription. 

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Bank accounts for AI and Data

AIs need relevant Data to create valuable output. And Data needs AIs to become truly valuable as input. But how will these two transact?

That’s why we use the payment rails that come with blockchains, for fast, cheap and programmable transactions. 

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On-Chain Provenance

High-fidelity transparency and attribution

Blockchains come with built-in traceability and provenance.

With Nevermined you get a full on-chain record of an asset’s history. From simple stuff like creation or purchase records to advanced attribution like: which data sets did this AI consume.

This on-chain attribution is crucial for AIs to start rewarding data owners based on contribution.

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Remote Computation

Because data doesn’t want to be moved (coming soon)

To match the advancement being made in Federated Learning, Data Owners will get the power to allow AIs to access their data ‘in situ’, wherever the data resides.

Access control for Computation  will create a new, secure way for Data and AI to interact.

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Royalties & Rewards

For an aligned Data & AI industry (coming soon)

As part of the smart contracts, Data Owners can define more granular reward conditions.

Likewise, AI owners can offer up royalty schemes for any Data sets that have contributed to the success of an AI model or agent.

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