Copyright Infringement & IP Piracy

From Getty suing Stability AI to the Books3 open “library” being taken down, Creators are worried about AI models using their images, books, music, videos without consent, rewards or even recognition.

Nevermined fixes this.

For Content Owners

The Big Tech companies have been scraping your content and data to train their models.

Without your consent and without rewards.

With Nevermined, you can build an AI paywall around your assets and make them available only to those your trust. Start protecting your assets via the Data for AI marketplace now.

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For AI Developers

The days of using publicly available data are over. The risk of getting sued for copyright infringement is real.

Plus, to keep your models relevant, they will need access to highly specific, but walled data.

With Nevermined you can purchase access to datasets and content that is safe to use.

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AIs haven’t done themselves a favor by scraping the world’s data without consent. Trust has gone. Storms are brewing.

And soon AI companies will need data and content owners more than ever as the data they’ve scraped starts to run out.

Because the real value and relevance will come from getting access to certified data & AIs.

Read more about it in our blogpost.

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