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:tada: Thrilled to announce €3 million seed funding to make Web3 accessible. Read more here.

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Giving investors tokenized
 access to Alpha insights

The Invluencer vision:

Invluencer wants to make early stage start-up investment both more accessible and more data-driven. They are creating reports on early-stage companies, based on crowdsourcing information and token economic models. Those reports are available to holders of the Invluencer NFTs.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

  • Create 2222 art NFTs, with the embedded function of giving access to the report section of the Invluencer website
  • Deploy smart contracts to define the access conditions
  • Integrate an Access Management instance with a website backend to give token holders guaranteed access

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Nevermined Components used

Decentralized Access Control

Decentralized Access Control

Create smart contract based gateways for your apps, sites, etc

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Tokenize any asset and sell them via your own marketplace

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