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:tada: Thrilled to announce €3 million seed funding to make Web3 accessible. Read more here.

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Music NFT Platform

Giving musicians the tools for fairer value creation

The Autonomies vision

Autonomies wants to create lasting value for digital music. They are a collective of music producers, Web3 veterans, electronic music curators, artists, creatives and designers trying to formulate a fairer system for all actors involved.

The platform unifies artists, collectors and record labels through a fairer digital ecosystem. The concept is to simplify the process of creating rare audio files and making them accessible to the many, not the few.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

  • Give artists tools to tokenize their music
  • Embed royalty conditions into the NFTs with Polygon smart contracts
  • Allow creators to include royalty splits, e.g. with record companies
  • Payments (in stablecoin), including gas fees with on-chain settlement
  • Governance models to make artists and collectors stakeholders of Autonomies
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Nevermined Components used

Decentralized Access Control

Decentralized Access Control

Create smart contract based gateways for your apps, sites, etc

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Tokenize any asset and sell them via your own marketplace

Royalties & Secondary Market

Royalties & Secondary Market

Take control of your creation and IP and infuse financial conditions for resale

DAO Governance Tools

DAO Governance Tools

Power your digital organization with decentralized tools for tokens, governance, etc

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