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:tada: Thrilled to announce €3 million seed funding to make Web3 accessible. Read more here.

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Art NFT & POAP Platform

Enabling artists and collectors to engage both in the Web3 digital space and IRL

The Alities vision

Alities is an NFT platform and art community for creatives and collectors alike. They believe NFTs should do more than just sit in wallets, so the platform makes the bridge between digital art and physical exhibitions and events.

Alities is a mobile first dapp that doesn’t just allow for creating, selling and buying NFTs. It also enables artists to create POBBs (Proof Of Belonging Badges). These are digital badges, based on the POAP format, that are rewards for collectors to attend events.

What did the NVM platform make possible?

  • Give artists tools to create cheap and carbon-neutral NFTs, using Celo
  • Integrate a Celo wallet into the mobile-first dapp
  • Launch an NFT Marketplace, with low gas fees
  • Give artists tools to create POAPs and related QR codes
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Nevermined Components used

Proof Of Attendance Badges

Proof Of Attendance Badges

Reward your community with unique,
 digital badges

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Tokenize any asset and sell them via your own marketplace

Royalties & Secondary Market

Royalties & Secondary Market

Take control of your creation and IP and infuse financial conditions for resale

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