For Data Owners

Put your data - photos, books, health records - behind an AI paywall. Control access, giving only AIs you trust the ability to use your data.

Product Overview

AIs training on the same public data will deliver the same results. Your data is a game changer for AI, but you’re keeping it behind a wall. With Nevermined, you can create new revenue streams for this treasure trove of data.

Use our Smart Subscriptions to set pricing and control who has access and how.

Remote computation is coming soon. Grant secure and private access to AI without your data being moved or downloaded.

Nevermined transforms your Data & AI into monetizable assets, ready to share & transact

Access Control

  • Define access conditions via smart contracts
  • Data In-Situ Computation that moves the compute to the data


  • Built-in provenance & attribution
  • Traceability from source to access to usage of assets


  • Built-in payment transaction infrastructure
  • Programmable enforcement of royalties & rewards

Relevant Projects

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Giving DeSci access to private medical data

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Giving analysts structured data sets from unstructured DeFi platforms

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Scientific Research NFTs


Tokenizing Intellectual Property rights

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