Data Availability Tools

NVM allows organizations to register, tokenize and transform data so that it can be used in analytics by algorithms and AIs.

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Product Overview

Data is criminally underused. Web3 enables secure data sharing, privacy and data ecosystems.
With Nevermined you turn datasets into assets, add utility and create new value streams.

Nevermined builds open Data & AI tools powered by Web3 tech

Decentralized Access Control

  • Token gating Data
  • Subscription NFT
  • Access Credits
  • File Access NFTs
  • Decentralized Storage Encryption

Data In-Situ Computation

  • Federated Computation
  • ML & AI Model Royalties
  • AI & Machine Learning Industrialization

Data & AI Incentives

  • Royalties
  • Rewards
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Marketplace Framework
  • Collateralization

Relevant Projects

Projects that are built on Nevermined

DeFi Data Marketplace


Giving analysts structured data sets from unstructured DeFi platforms

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Scientific Research NFTs


Tokenizing Intellectual Property rights

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Giving DeSci access to private medical data

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